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About NTS-Online

NTS-Online is the internet and data services department of NTS Communications. Formed in 1994 as a dial-up internet access provider, NTS-Online has grown to be one of the largest internet and data service providers in West Texas. Our never-ending goal is to keep our customers connected at the very best performance levels possible.

Today, NTS-Online not only offers dial-up internet, but also broadband access solutions like DSL, dedicated internet access, VPN, ATM, Frame Relay and Fiber To The User. Our access technologies are complimented by multiple application sets including comprehensive web hosting, customized e-mail solutions, advanced networking capabilities of every flavor, video delivery, and professional networking services. Put simply, we are experts at internet access and data networking.

Our People
All the technology in the world does not achieve anything in the absence of superb people. That is why at NTS-Online we staff our help desk with only the very best technicians who have been trained and then cross trained to best understand the needs of our customers. Our commitment to quality people does not end with our help desk. Each of our routing, server, core network and network distribution personnel hold various certifications ranging from CCIE (the highest level of internet certification available in the world) to a wide variety of software and security certifications.

All NTS-Online personnel are constantly adding to their knowledge through both formal training at industry leading schools as well as appropriate vendor training. In short, we are constantly working to improve ourselves to better meet our customers needs.

A Uniquely Better ISP

NTS-Online is different in a variety of ways. To begin with, we actually listen to our customers. While this may not sound different (and we admit it is a little old-fashioned), we believe that in today’s world of over-hyped, overly complex, under-delivered products that cost way too much for what you get, this is a huge deal. We listen because we understand that it is our customers who keep us in business. We also think that it is just the right thing to do.

Also, unlike many internet service providers, every system and subsystem at NTS-Online is 100% redundant with available spares “on the shelf”. This redundancy is further backed up using a state-of-the art network monitoring and management system that monitors every system on a 24 hour basis. On almost all occasions, our network management functionality alerts us to problems, which are then corrected, before our customers ever experience an outage. As with all of our systems, network management is also redundant.

Other unique features of NTS-Online derive from our place within NTS Communications. As a full service telephone company operating a vast network of switches, cross connects, outside distribution plant and long haul fiber optic facilities, NTS makes available to NTS-Online near instant response times in the event of telephone network issues. For example, with respect to our dial-up services, our customers never experience a busy signal because NTS’s telephone switches are massively over-trunked to NTS-Online’s modem pools. An intentional decision on our part, such a solution would be far too costly if NTS did not have ownership of its local dial tone switching platforms.

Our broadband DSL customers also see a similar benefit in terms of speed and throughput. Because NTS has access to all of the capacity of the copper loop we use to provide broadband service, NTS-Online made a decision years ago to use ALL of the available loop capacity to provide data services to our customers. So while our competitors may offer you only a portion of the loop capacity for data services, we say “open the pipe and let it rip”. Consequently, our customers consistently see greater throughput, less latency, and a much improved overall internet/data experience.

Likewise, NTS-Online is able to enjoy enormous FAT pipes to the internet back-bone network. Our two, diverse routed, and direct-trunked 155 Mbs SONET back-bone links are provided using the NTS Fiber Network. Not only does this reduce network latency to bare minimums, in the event of a fiber cut or other upstream problem, all traffic seamlessly traverses an alternate route without any disruption in service to our customers. In short, at NTS-Online we have invested heavily in all of the technical solutions available to ensure that our customers experience as close to 100% premium uptime as is technically possible.

Best Value For Your Money

From the very beginning, NTS-Online has always worked to provide our services at the lowest possible cost to our customers. For example, in 1998 NTS-Online was the first internet provider to offer dial-up service for $9.95 per month, with no strings attached and a money-back guarantee. We still offer this outstanding product today. Although some of our competitors have lowered their prices to compete with us, the fact is that our dial-up service is still one of the best values in internet access anywhere.

We are extending our market leading pricing to other products. From broadband to professional services, our product list is wide-ranging, but all of our products provide the best value around. We are confident that we will exceed your expectations for service, quality, and value for your money. If we fail in any regard, we guarantee that it will not be for lack of trying!

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